Summer Intensive

June 16–27, 2014

Apply Online through April 7

Triple Canopy is pleased to announce its first Summer Intensive, a two-week program in the history and contemporary practice of publication, for twelve higher-level college students, graduate students, and recent college graduates. We invite applications from prospective students with backgrounds in areas such as writing, art, literature, art history, new media, and design.

During the Summer Intensive, Triple Canopy editors and invited artists, writers, and technologists will lead discussions and workshops with participating students, who will research, analyze, and enact an approach to publication that hinges on today’s networked forms of production and circulation but also mines the history of print culture and artistic practice. The program will take place at Triple Canopy’s venue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and will include visits to studios, archives, and cultural institutions.

The Summer Intensive will address such questions as: How have artists, writers, and designers historically used the pages of magazines and books as sites of and material for experimentation? How have new-media publications challenged conventions of authorship and reception, only to have those very challenges soon become the foundation of the new economy? How have artists, writers, designers, and technologists responded to ensuing changes in the media landscape? And how have responses differed in areas with disparate resources and relationships to technology? What are the politics of access and identity associated with online public forums and media?

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Triple Canopy’s 2014 call for proposals

Call for Proposals

Jan. 17, 2014

Images from past Triple Canopy commissions.

Triple Canopy’s 2014 call for proposals. View this email in your browser.
Call for Proposals

New platform, new projects:
Triple Canopy’s 2014 call for proposals

With the launch of Triple Canopy’s new publishing platform, the magazine invites proposals for new work to be developed by artists and writers in collaboration with Triple Canopy’s editors in the coming year. The editors look forward to working with contributors on research, writing, performance, and visual material related to new projects—as well as on the eventual digital and/or print design of contributors’ work.

For the fifth annual call for proposals, Triple Canopy will continue to support contributors in a variety of publication formats, both online and in print, as well as in the production of public events. We are interested in forging connections between books, manuscripts, lectures, performances, exhibitions, among other forms, and our online publishing practice. We invite artists and writers to submit proposals for projects that may or may not find their primary realization on the Web; the following list, by no means exhaustive, enumerates some of the forms such projects might take:

  • Print broadsheet, poster or pamphlet
  • Book or e-book
  • Digital project
  • Software deployed outside of Triple Canopy’s website
  • Public lecture or seminar
  • Performance
  • Reading
  • Screening
  • Exhibition or installation

Triple Canopy is looking for artists and writers with coherent proposals for projects that can be realized in one year or less. We are, as ever, in search of work that makes innovative, persuasive use of its own form and medium. While past publication or experience is not a prerequisite, successful applicants will demonstrate fluency in the field in which they wish to publish. Triple Canopy prioritizes work by emerging artists and writers working in the fields of visual art and literature, broadly defined; we appreciate work that takes into account current discussions and debates but is not bound by them, work that is carefully crafted but not fixated on form. Additionally, we encourage applicants to familiarize themselves with the recently redesigned platform, featuring Alongslide, a new system for authoring and presenting digital projects by artists and writers. Read more about Alongslide here.

Commission recipients receive:

  • Eight to twelve months of artistic, editorial, and technical support
  • $500 honorarium
  • Opportunity for inclusion in our annual print publication, Invalid Format: An Anthology of Triple Canopy
  • Opportunity to use Triple Canopy’s space at 155 Freeman for a performance or other public event
  • Coordination and production of any print publication or live event
  • Archiving of materials and long-term maintenance of any online version of the project by technical staff

Submissions to Triple Canopy’s 2014 call for proposals may be made via the online form. The deadline for submissions is March 10, 2014. Triple Canopy 2014 commission recipients will be announced April 22, 2014.


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A great project!

My last few days in the Philippines were as eventful as ever, always rising early to my homemade coffee in my small hotel room in Manila. The heavily staffed crew at the hotel ranged from young waiters and waitresses to security guards, doormen or boys, luggage handlers, desk clerks and more. The old Royal typewriter was still the only printer device that was used behind the counter.

The Royal Typewriter

On Friday afternoon, Ramon and I went to the Iloilo City Airport to see if we could catch an earlier flight back to Manila instead of our scheduled 9:00 PM flight time. The attendant at the counter said the flight was now closed, even though the request was coming from a Coast Guard Commander. Ramon leaned over the counter and said quietly, “Do you know who that is? It is Chuck Norris”. Needless to say, I (Chuck) took numerous photos with all the stewardesses, attendants, luggage handlers, managers and others. Thanks to Chuck Norris, we made our earlier flight. To the real Chuck Norris, we’d like to thank you for all you have done to help the children of the Philippines and our music mission! You have helped in ways you may never know.

Early on Saturday morning, we all met up outside of Manila at a freeway stop and joined Hubert d’Aboville and his lovely Filipina wife of 30 years, Ara, and drove over an hour to a docked bangka on the southern seaside south of Manila. Hubert was so kind as to personally rent the 90-foot bangka for the day to power us to the island of Mindoro.

We were guests to his beautiful home there and also visited the site of the Malasimbo Festival, a world music roots festival he personally started on his property at the base of the majestic Malasimbo Mountain in this exotic jungle paradise. I was honored to play my nose flutes made by Anthony Natividad of Hawaii at the site of the festival coming up in February.

 We powered back through large, breaking waves with Hubert and me up top sharing stories of world travels and adventures from days past. Our drive back to Manila was long, but Ramon and I had a dinner engagement with Oscar, Bell and Barrera family. My friend and well-known music celebrity, John Lasaca and his wife, joined us for the delicious Filipino dinner. I played many traditional flutes for the family and guests afterwards and John Lasaca also played my violin, which I believe all enjoyed.

It is hard to summarize the experiences I have gained in this short music mission to the Philippines. It feels more like a month long journey than a two week mission. Ramon and I have lived a small lifetime in such a short period. We have touched many lives, created many smiles, shared our joy of children, learning, music and life. There are moments I will not forget and faces that have left a deep impression on me. Flutes Across The World has done its part to help unite children from distant lands and help spread the joy of music to all it has touched.


The living heroes of ULIS, elite French firefighters I was privileged to meet, each received flutes to take home to France to their family members. We are now proud to call them friends and to be able to say that Flutes Across The World is now in the country of France.

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Winter Benefit!!

At The Invisible Dog, 51 Bergen St, Brooklyn NY
Thursday, February 20, 6-9pm
Come party with us and support our 2014 programming!
Join us for:
– A Tombola Raffle with over 100 prizes including art, luxury items, and cultural experiences. Every ticket is a winner!
– Fabulous selection of silkscreen prints made in Wassaic
– Incredible decorations by Wassaic artists Carmen Osterlye and Shannon Finnegan
– Drinks & snacks!Benefit Committee:
Scott Anderson and Jeila Gueramian, Cynthia Bittenfield, Charlotte Caldwell, Lucy Commoner and Dick Berry, Carl D’Alvia and Jackie Saccoccio, Charlie Davidson and Ylinka Barotto, Elizabeth Denny, Jillian Dunham, Danielle Durchslag and Aamir Wyne, Karen Flatow, Ryan Frank, Joshua Frankel, Kara and Simon Gerson, Isaac Gertman, Damian Gutierrez and Jeanne Gardner, Suzanne Hader and Mike Johns, Sarah and Slobodan Hardesty Mitrovic, Anne Huntington, Emma Katz, Steven Kim, Kendra and Florent Lacroix, Allegra LaViola, Michelle Leftheris, Bri Lowndes, Scott Marquardt, Betsey McCall, Jen and Kevin McCoy, George McNeely, Janet and Dave Offensend, Paul Outlaw and Jennifer Catron, Brooke Rogers, Sarah Sandman, Anne Sherman, Callie Siegel and Nate Guild, Breanne Trammell, Jessica Wallen, Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom, Walker and Mary Waugh, Damian and Britt Zunino, and Sally and Tony Zunino
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ComposersCollaborative, inc.

an evening with SWARMIUS
Jozefius Vaatierz Rattus, aka Joseph Martin Waters
Augustus Marimbus Fourmalletus, aka Andrew Kreysa
Schrödinger’s Sax, aka Michael Couper, Saxophone
SAXIMUS, aka Todd Rewoldt

$20 at the door, includes a drink
Cash only

visit our events page for more info about upcoming events at the Cornelia Street Café.

A few words from CCi Artistic Director Jed Distler:
I first met Joseph Martin Waters, the master mind behind SWARMIUS, when we presented his music on Serial Underground in December 2012. His energy, his eclectic yet focused musicality, his humor and his constant sense of surprise absolutely floored me. I decided right then and there that we had to give an entire Serial episode over to his crazy and inspired San Diego-based SWARMIUS ensemble. I mean, anyone who comes up with a piece that channels Igor Stravinsky, Henry Mancini and Sly Stone with the title “Orpheus Is A Tip-Toed Steam Horse” cannot fail to get my attention. But the music always journeys beyond the titles and stays with you. It enlightens and entertains at the same time.
So don’t miss a rare chance to hear this unique group live in New York, on the Serial stage, where they belong. See you February 9th!
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Cache Cleaner

A party in celebration of Triple Canopy’s fifth anniversary
China Chalet, 47 Broadway, New York, NY
Saturday, May 11, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Cache Cleaner is an evening of musical and artistic performances in celebration of Triple Canopy’s fifth anniversary. Cache Cleaner is presented with RVNG Intl. and will feature performances by Maxmilion Dunbar, Masks, My Barbarian, and BFFA3AE. Jon Santos, Michael Magnan (Fatherhood), and RVNG’s Matt Werth will DJ.

Free for Triple Canopy members
$10 at the door or pay-as-you-wish online now
(the more you pay, the more likely it is we’ll break even!)


RVNG Intl. is a Brooklyn-based music institution that operates on few but heavily fortified principals, dealing with forward-reaching artists sometimes categorized as electronic, avant, free, fried, fucked, etc. RVNG Intl. was founded by Matt Werth in 2004 and has released records by Blondes, Holly Herndon, Julia Holter, and Mirror Mirror, among others.

Maxmilion Dunbar is a moniker of musician, producer, and DJ Andrew Field-Pickering. Dunbar’s second album, House of Woo, was released in February by RVNG Intl.

Masks is a New York-based duo comprised of Alexis Georgopoulos and Max Ravitz. The group’s sound is made almost exclusively with analog synthesizers and drum machines and digests the history of electronic dance music, from Detroit to Chicago, cosmic to Italo. Georgopoulos also performs as ARP, and has released records with Smalltown Supersound and RVNG Intl. Ravitz, who performs as PATRICIA, will release his debut record on Opal Tapes later this year.

My Barbarian is a collective consisting of Malik Gaines, Jade Gordon and Alexandro Segade, founded in Los Angeles in 2000. My Barbarian’s interdisciplinary performance, video, music, and installation projects use fantasy, humor, camp, and clashing aesthetic sensibilities to playfully reenact artistic, political, social, and historical situations.

BFFA3AE is a New York-based artist group consisting of Daniel Chew, Micaela Durand, and Matthew Gaffney. The group was formed in 2007 as a surf-club blog to host a dialogue about the implications of the Internet on culture and life. Acknowledging the reach of the Internet into the physical world, the group has since expanded to include work in a variety of mediums, including film, performance, and installation.

BYCO is the first micro-financing site for design. BYCO allows anyone to submit projects and finance their designs, and then handles all the production, sales, and distribution. BYCO is a project of the design studio JF & SON.

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Arts and Technology Social and Digital Media for Artists AOL HQ, Saturday April 27th 9am – 6pm

At the #ArtsTech Unconference on Saturday, April 27th, SOLO Foundation will present a discussion and workshop series for artists and arts organizations who are interested in learning how to better utilize social media to reach their audience. The session, an extension of SOLO’s Art Entrepreneurship mentoring, will focus on how small teams can best leverage their limited resources by making effective use of digital tools.

The event will bring together:

  • Arts professionals and artists who are using digital media to connect with audiences
  • Artists using technology in their creative practice
  • Arts & tech start-ups

Sessions include:

Performing Arts for a Wired 21st Century Audience
Kathryn Jones, CEO
The performing arts industry is in a crisis – audiences continue on a 30 year declines, revenues are falling and there are fewer jobs in the performing arts today than there were in 1990. However, the truth is that the audience isn’t actually in decline, it’s online. This panel discussion will explore this change and how the performing arts can adapt to remain relevant today through through live streaming and other digital productions.
The Top Ten Strategies for Mastering Social Media in Real Time

Susi Kenna, Fitz & Co
Lucy Redoglia, Metropolitan Museum
From press conferences to live performances to public art to high-profile parties—topics will touch on planning techniques, tools of the trade, managing participation, post-event tips and how to be a live tweeting pro. From the initial discussion, participants will compile a useful guide to planning and executing timely social media campaigns.
[bits and flow] Social and Digital Media for Artists
Eve Biddle, Founder and Co-director of the Wassaic Project
Tia Johnson, Art director, graphic designer and artist
Timothy Ney, Digital strategist, film producer
Shannon Finnegan, Wassaic Project Exhibition and Festival Director

Stephanie Griffin, Sous chef, Silent Barn Shows

This session is intended for artists and art organizations who are interested in learning how to better utilize social media to reach their audience. It will also focus on how small teams can best leverage their digital resources by making effective use of digital tools.
You may register on-line.  RSVP here.
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| bits and flow | Digital and Social Media for Artists

Workshops on Saturday, April 27th

There’s no better way than social media where you can talk directly to your audience, and more importantly, your audience can talk directly to you. However, some artists are still either too buried in their work, or sitting in front of the computer and don’t know where to start. Here comes SOLO sharing its advice on constructing digital and social media in workshops you can’t miss.

The SOLO Foundation is presenting a Workshop Series on Digital and Social Media as part of an UnConference dedicated to art and technology.The UnConference, organized in partnership with #ArtsTech and AOL Artists takes place on Saturday, April 27th at AOL HQ in Manhattan.

The first bits and flow workshop runs from 10am to 1pm.

SOLO’s workshops are designed to help individual artists, midsize and emerging arts organizations with limited resources to make effective use of digital tools.

Resource people Eve Biddle of Wassaic Project and SOLO’s art director Tia Johnson and digital strategist Timothy Ney will share insight into branding, design and collaborating with developers using minimal resources. They will be joined by some of the best tweeters in the arts who will discuss the necessity of immediacy in social media, particularly covering events and talks with live-tweeting. These speakers on social media include Todd Florio from Creative Time, Jennette Mullaney from The Highline, Lucy Redoglia of the Metropolitan Museum, and Susi Kenna of Fitz & Co.


Given the importance of effectively using digital tools and social media, the workshops at the #ArtsTech UnConference fill a need in the arts community for low cost training with experts and peers. This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

These Digital and Social Media for Artists workshops grew out of a study commissioned by SOLO Foundation President Howie Seligman and conducted by Timothy Ney, SOLO’s Arts Entrepreneurship mentor with a team from the Harvard Business School.

Registration includes coffee, lunch and snacks.

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TC Labs debuts POST for MOMA

TC Labs, the consulting wing of Triple Canopy has launched Post, a participatory digital platform for global research developed for the Museum of Modern Art.

Post is an online journal, archive, exhibition space, and forum. The website enables scholars, curators, educators, students, critics, artists, and the general public to contribute to research projects focusing on modernism, especially in the work of artists outside of North America and Western Europe.

TC Labs is the consulting wing of the magazine and editorial collective Triple Canopy. TC Labs draws upon and helps sustain Triple Canopy’s expansive network of artists, writers, designers, and developers to develop dynamic online experiences, innovative publications, and generative public programs. Read more on the work of TC Labs

Post was conceived in collaboration with Triple Canopy’s creative director @calebwaldorf.

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“Searching for Liszt”  Boston’s New Jasmine Dancers Premiere This Weekend


In honor of Franz Liszt’s 200th birthday, choreographer Liusha Hua premieres her “Searching for Liszt” at the inaugural concert of Jasmine Dancers on Friday, March 15th and Saturday, March 16th at 8 pm in Green Street Studios, 185 Green Street, Cambridge.


A native of Shanghai, Liusha received an MFA in Dance from Bennington College, where she first explored mixing traditional Chinese dance movement with modern dance. Her lyrical work in Asian dance has been recognized by the American Guild of Musical Artists and the Los Angeles Music Center Education Program.


“Traditional Asian folk and tribal movements are reflected in many of my dance works,” said Ms. Hua, “I believe that it is a wonderful concept to marry western modern dance composition techniques with traditional Asian folk movement. It is another way to introduce Asian cultures to American audiences.”


Set to three of Liszt’s short piano pieces, “Searching for Liszt” will be presented with two other new works that are choreographed by Liusha Hua and young members of Jasmine Dancers entitled “Soul” and “Diary”.


Members of Jasmine Dancers are Caitlin Klinger, Karin Linden, Hai Dang Nguyen, Gabriela Silva, Kat Sullivan and Mark Zagaeski.  Guest musician and renowned pianist Joe Reid will also perform.


Tickets are available at  on-line or at the box office.
About Jasmine Dancers
Jasmine Dancers is a newly formed contemporary dance group with committed choreographers and dancers. Our goal is to create new works each year, to present our works to the community and to explore many more new elements of visual and theatrical stimulating arts.


About Green Street Studio
Green Street Studios is a center for movement and dance that provides a place for artists, students, and audiences to explore the boundless potential of physical movement and the expressiveness of the human body. Through its support of both established and emerging professionals, Green Street Studios provides students of all levels, and the wider public, the opportunity to be connected to and with the traditions, techniques, and language of dance.
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