ART BATTLES NYC POP UP GALLERY | JANUARY 12-14 | 300 Pieces, 30 Artists, 3 Countries!

ArtBattles returns to New York after a tour through France and Spain with the ArtBattles Pop Up Gallery NYC. The gallery is located at 159 Bleecker St. in the West Village and is open for free to the public for a limited time from Thursday, January 12th through Saturday, January 14th.
Art Battles always finds unusual spaces for its events. Some of you may remember their SOLO FOUNDATION Art House.

Solo Foundation Art House from Art Battles on Vimeo.

This Pop Up Gallery exhibition of one of a kind originals will feature a live and silent auction starting at pricing that can be found at the ArtBattles Popup Gallery. ArtBattles will showcase large-scale works created by rising stars and painters from the US, France, and Spain. The Popup Gallery exhibit also includes Live Art and a video installation.
ArtBattles founder Sean Bono said that the pieces being auctioned were made in a series of battles over a course of 6 months and reflect the unique artistic cultures found all over Europe and the US. All featured works were painted live, on stage, in front of hundreds and sometimes thousands of viewers. ArtBattles curated 300 pieces from the most exciting artists who participated in their international competitions.
All pieces are available for sale on site and can also be found in the ArtBattles Gallery.
US: Andre Trenier, Max (Mega 330) Bode, Zito, Don Rimx, Max Neutra, Michael Pukac, Beast, Ben Angotti, Sean Bono, Lexi Bella, Marthalicia Mattarita, Dirty Duke, Yatika Starr Fields, Kevin Ragnott, Gia Gutierrez, Erin Cadigan, Gregory Siff.
Spain: El Niño de Las Pinturas, Kram, Japon, 3TTMan, Paria,Daniel Thomas, Pichi & Avo, Sakristan.
France: Deuz, MattB, Kouka, Shane, Skio, Titi from Paris, Michael Beerens, Monsta, Move.
Exhibition space has been provided by PopUpSpaceNY.

art battles popup

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