White House Highlights Emmett Folgert at National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention “Champion of Change”

WASHINGTON, DC- The White House honored Emmett Folgert yesterday as one of twelve leaders recognized for their work to prevent youth violence within their communities as part of the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention (the Forum). Launched at the direction of President Obama in 2010, the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention is a network of communities and federal agencies working together to share information and build local capacity to prevent and reduce youth violence. Mr. Folgert, along with the Forum’s Boston team, reported on their progress at a national summit yesterday in Washington, D.C.
“I’m proud leaders like these have found new and innovative ways to prevent youth violence,” said Director of the Office of Public Engagement Jon Carson. “If we’re going to combat violence and keep our kids safe, then we need to ensure we dedicate time and manpower to the issue. These leaders have done just that, and this is what makes them true champions for their communities and our country.”
The Champions of Change program was created as a part of President Obama’s Winning the Future initiative. Each week, a different sector is highlighted and groups of Champions, ranging from educators to entrepreneurs to community leaders, are recognized for the work they are doing to serve and strengthen their communities.
To learn more about our Champions go to www.whitehouse.gov/champions

Emmett Folgert is a founder and executive director of the Dorchester Youth Collaborative (DYC). This community-based agency serves at risk-teens and their families. Mr. Folgert is a program developer, gang peace negotiator and public policy advocate. He helped create several violence prevention initiatives including: Safe Haven Teen Centers, Street Worker Outreach Programs, the MA Statewide Violence Prevention Program and Safe City Academy. Mr. Folgert created the Center for Urban Expression, a program where adults and youth partner to create high impact pro-social media products addressing the problems urban youth face. He is an architect of the Boston Miracle. He has been instrumental with Solo Foundation in the production of the hip hop documentary showing urban dance as a deterrent to youth violence.

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